1960s Vesper from the Antique Collection


ndulge in the iconic Bond cocktail exactly as Ian Fleming did at his regular haunt, the Dukes Hotel, London. To this day, the Vesper is one of the only stirred sippers to showcase both vodka and gin side by side. This antique aperitif combines 1960s editions of both Gordon’s London Dry gin and Smirnoff vodka, just how James would have liked it.

About 1960s Smirnoff

This unapologetically bold Russian spirit was originally created in Russia in the late 1800s. The brand found a new home in the USA in the 1930s and boomed in the 60s, becoming iconic of postwar youth’s distancing themselves from the old world and embracing the new.

About 1960s Gordon’s

This is a gin from a time when ‘London Dry’ meant it was made in the heart of London. At 47% ABV, it is bright and peppery, with a crisp steeliness that lends itself to a Vesper like no other.

One perfect serve

1960s Gordon’s gin, 1960s Smirnoff vodka, Cocchi Americano & filtered water.

Standard drinks 1.8 | 26% ALC | VOL. 90ml