Based in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, Navy Strength Ice Co. is Australia’s first boutique hand cut ice company, and specifically designed for bars, restaurants, catering companies, events, sculptors and speciality roasters.

By importing the world’s most highly regarded ice block makers Navy Strength creates perfect ice of the finest quality. The internationally regarded Clinebell block makers produce a 140kg block of crystal clear ice every four days using purified water from our state of the art filtration system.

Blocks will then be cut down to any desired size with various tools to create a perfect, crystal clear cube to fit your drink.


Our giant ice machines, known as Clinebells, are filled with water purified through 5 stages of filtration. They freeze the water slowly from the bottom up, keeping it in constant motion, forcing out all air bubbles and impurities.

Each machine makes a block of ice every four days, resulting in 150kgs of the most pure, dense and transparent ice achievable.

Using various Japanese ice saws and tools, we then cut these mammoth blocks down into cubes and spears that fit perfectly into your rocks and Collins glasses.

Each block is guaranteed to be as clear and consistent as the next, every time.



We use large, crystal-clear rocks and cubes for all ‘on the rocks’ drinks – those intended to be served in a large tumbler over a large piece of ice. 

The density of the ice immediately chills the drink without overdiluting it. This keeps your Negroni exactly as it was intended from start to finish.


These are long columns of ice that we use in all tall and highball drinks. By using a single piece of clear ice instead of your usual cubed ice, the dilution is slowed considerably, helping avoid your tall drink from quickly becoming watery.

In a Gin & Tonic, it is so clear, it virtually disappears into your drink.


Using our custom ice methods, Navy Strength can create unique garnished ice, featuring any number of ingredients such as flowers, fruit, or herbs.

As well as looking beautiful in a cocktail, garnished ice can be used in place of a fresh garnish to deliver your desired burst of citrus or otherwise, or to complement the flavours in the drink.


We are always open to unique ice requests. 

Ask us about our garnished ice, floral ice, ice carving, original display pieces for special events, spheres, diamonds and more. We can help bring your best ideas to life.


Delivery is available to Melbourne suburbs on Monday to Friday, as well as weekly deliveries to areas of regional Victoria.

Orders can be picked up by prior arrangement.

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice on orders, or 7 days for large orders. For custom orders, including display pieces, we recommend getting in touch at least a month prior to your special event.


For further information, to arrange a sample for your venue, or to place an order of Navy Strength Ice, please fill out the form here or contact us at


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